format problem - re-edit date starts datepicker at January 1970 ??? #132

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olivdee commented Jan 18, 2013

i was trying to set the format view of the date + time picked by the datetimepicker.
i used for this: format: '%d-%m-%Y %H:%M'
it works, it shows up date + time in the input fields the way i want it!

yesterday i realized, that if i re-enter the input field in order to adjust / correct date and/or time, the datepicker opens up at January 1970 ???

is this a bug, or did i miss something out?

olivdee commented Feb 6, 2013


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olivdee commented Feb 21, 2013

is this here somehow dead?
if yes, an info would be great, so i could try and find another solution...
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I am having the same issue - no time selection, just date


SergioCrisostomo commented Jan 26, 2014

@olivdee @starlingdesign could you make a reproducing this problem? Thanks!

It took me a while to remember where I was using this.

The website is live, and still has the error. (Please don't submit the form)

goto and click the "register today" button
on the top right. (pops up a form in an iFrame via CeraBox)

The second line, "Birthdate"

  1. Choose a date (it will be some time in 2014)
  2. after the full date has been selected, and the text box is filled
    out, click the text box to edit the date. It opens at 1969.


On 14-01-26 4:05 PM, Sergio Crisostomo wrote:

@olivdee @starlingdesign could you make a reproducing this problem? Thanks!

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#132 (comment).

Looks like it has issues parsing dates in D-M-Y format. I was having the same problem using D-M-Y but M-D-Y would confuse users being in Australia. So I switched it to Y-M-D and it works fine now.

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