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Fixing hover style bug triggered every other time the picker is opened #101

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Solve my problems if selected a day from 1(or more) months ago and then reopen the picker


Does anybody know why they're not implementing this? It was even kindly fixed for them by 'giddie'.


Works, thanx!

You're welcome :)

I can confirm it works. You just saved my day :)


@lorenzos, @giddie was this ever merged into Arian's?

No, this was not merged into Arian's:

In fact, atm, I'm using a modified Arian version in my projects that includes this fix.


@lorenzos, ok, do you want to make a PR on this?

Btw, I said yes to his Looking for some extra maintainers, I think you have a good knowledge of the Picker, want to join?

The pull request has been merged :)


I see the same problem again in the 2.1.1 tag :(


Wow; I guess I haven't updated the datepicker in my project for 2 years!
@arian Howzabout we get this merged?


@SergioCrisostomo, do your thing!

@SergioCrisostomo SergioCrisostomo merged commit c3fcd6f into arian:master

@giddie thanks! @lorenzos Thanks!

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Commits on Feb 1, 2012
  1. @giddie @ccerrillo
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  1. +1 −1  Source/Picker.js
2  Source/Picker.js
@@ -286,7 +286,7 @@ var Picker = new Class({
} else {
this.slider.setStyle('left', 0);
- this.oldContents.setStyles({left: 0, opacity: 0});
+ this.oldContents.setStyles({left: this.bodysize.x, opacity: 0});
this.newContents.setStyles({left: 0, opacity: 1});
return this;
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