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MooTools augmented Classes for HTML5 and various open web APIs
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MooTools HTMLX

This repository is for MooTools contributors that are not afraid to make new things. All users should download MooTools HTMLX from, but since it isn't offered there yet, you'll have to get it here - we know, that blows.

See the documentation files included in this repo. We don't have anything on the MooTools Wiki for you, because they rest of the group says HTMLX isn't official yet.

The goal is to provide all browsers with the power of HTML5, 6, 7, ... X. This means support for:

  • Canvas
  • Drag & Drop
  • Messaging
  • Web Workers
  • Web Sockets
  • ...
  • CSS3 Transforms


  • Fill in the gaps between browser support (similar to how MooTools Core does this with JS 1.6+)
  • Provide better interfaces for standards (ART API instead of Canvas API)

Support Matrix

Please take a look at the Support Matrix to see what HTML5 features have not been added.


Fork and follow conventions in the repo. Your pull request will undergo gruesome reviews, so please -- please -- start sending your requests as you're developing the module.

"Kami" (large) commits will be rejected immediately and asked to be split in smaller chunks.

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