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Real Shadow - jQuery Plugin that casts photorealistic shadows

Perfect for eye-catching demos and landing pages.

Works in any browser supporting CSS box-shadow property.

Basic Usage

$(selector).realshadow(); // options are optional


    followMouse: false,   // true by default

    pageX:       x,       // x coordinate of the light source
    pageY:       y        // y coordinate of the light source

    c: {                  // shadow color
        r: 1,             // red   channel for shadow
        g: 1,             // green channel for shadow
        b: 1,             // blue  channel for shadow


To specify different colors for each element, you can use "rel" attribute:

<span rel="r"></span>
<span rel="g"></span>
<span rel="b"></span>
<span rel="rg"></span>
<span rel="gb"></span>
<span rel="br"></span>
<span rel="rgb"></span>
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