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Rails Dream Tracker

Dreams are weird. I think we all can get on that train. But why do we always forget them within two minutes of waking up? To help decode your crazy subconscious, I created a rails app that allows you to enter your dream and give it a fancy title. Welcome to the future of dream decoding.

Built With

  • Rails
  • Ruby

Why Rails?

Here are my top 3 reasons:

  1. Set up in lightening quick. Within 30 secs your file structure is done.
  2. Schema: It gives you an birds eye view of your database structure in one file.
  3. HTML rendering is seamlessly tied into the API aspect of Rails.

Set Up

git clone git@github.com:arianadziedzic/rails_dream_tracker.git
cd dream_app

Run Locally

rails s Visit localhost:3000 to view the dream tracker!


Ariana Dziedzic


William Shaw for being so excited to pass on the magic of rails.
Matz for making developers around the world extremely happy
Being able to fly in dreams.