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A sample to show and document how to write plugins for Aria Templates
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HelloWorld plugin for Aria Templates

This plugin is a sample which shows how to write plugins for Aria Templates. Following this structure is highly recommended in order to ease plugins adoption.


To use it, there is a set a scripts that are available after the usual npm install:

  • npm run-script lint : runs JShint, verifies lowercaseand checks files indentation
  • npm run-script build : packages the plugin only with atpackager and put the results in build/output folder
  • npm run-script test : run all unit tests in PhantomJS with attester
  • npm run-script start : starts attester and waits for real browsers to connect
  • npm run-script sample : starts a webserver to run the samples (at http://localhost:8080/ or http://localhost:8080/index.html?devMode=true )


Here is the description of the different elements of the package:

[build] Scripts and configuration files to package the plugin
Gruntfile.js One build scripts
package.json Meta-data Documentation
[sample] Code of the sample
server.js Script to launch the sample webserver
[src] Source code
[test] Test suites and test configuration

Creating a new plugin

The easiest way to create a new plugin is to duplicate this HelloWorldPlugin and to modify it. All scripts described above are fully generic and will be usable in the newly created plugin.

Modifications for the creation

  • : the documentation of the plugin
  • package.json : the name field must be the classpath of the root of the plugin, and meta information should be updated (author, description, homepage, repository, etc)
  • /src/atplugins : to be replaced by the source code of the plugin (folder structure to follow the classpath of the plugin)
  • /test//atplugins : to be replaced by the unit tests of the plugin (folder structure to follow the classpath of the plugin)
  • /test/PluginTestSuite.js : to be updated with the path to the main test suite
  • /sample/ : to be replaced by the sample of the plugin (using the CDN is recommended)

Changing the version of Aria Templates

The version of Aria Templates used in the plugin is referenced in 3 different places:

Registering a new plugin

The list of plugins which is displayed on is stored in GitHub. More precisely, it is a json file in its own repository:
To register a new plugin in this list, just do a pull request on this repository.

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