A library of light widgets decoupled from the skinning system of Aria Templates and from the aria widget library
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Light autocomplete and datepicker

This is a plugin for Aria Templates. It defines a widget library which is based on the html widgets available in the framework. They are completely decoupled from the skinning system of Aria Templates and from the the aria widget library.


To use it, there is a set a scripts that are available after the usual npm install:

  • npm run-script lint : runs JShint, verifies lowercase and checks files indentation
  • npm run-script build : packages the plugin only with atpackager and put the results in build/output folder
  • npm run-script test : run all unit tests in PhantomJS with attester
  • npm run-script start : starts attester and waits for real browsers to connect
  • npm run-script sample : starts a webserver to run the samples (at http://localhost:8080/ or http://localhost:8080/index.html?devMode=true )


A new widget library is defined LightWidgetLib which contains the following widgets:

  • TextInput: a text input based on the html textinput widget. It allows to register a listener to the change event in a cross-browser way.
  • AutoComplete: an autocomplete which allows to specify a resources handler and a template to print the list of suggestions, just like the standard aria autocomplete. Configuration bean.
  • DateField: an input which is able to interpret the input string and turn it into a date (see here for more information on the interpreter). Configuration bean.
  • Calendar: a simple calendar, very similar to the aria calendar, but skinless and simpler. Configuration bean.
  • DatePicker: it combines the light DateField and Calendar widgets. Configuration bean.

The date-picker and autocomplete expose a lazy property in their configuration. If set to true, all dependencies needed to show the dropdown will be loaded only once the dropdown actually has to be shown.