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Commits on Mar 24, 2015
  1. @fbasso
Commits on Mar 20, 2015
  1. @jakub-g

    fix #1411 Classic Test Runner: load extrascripts in isolated mode

    jakub-g authored
    This commit adds the possibility to load in the Classic Test Runner
    the extrascripts exposed in attester's config, when CTR is run
    in isolated mode.
    Previously, the extrascripts were injected by attester only to CTR's
    index page, but CTR had no possibility to propagate those scripts
    into the iframe when tests were run with `#runIsolated=true` in the URL.
    This commit needs attester/attester#121
    integrated in attester (to be released in attester 2.2.0)
    in order for it to properly expose `before` and `after` extrascripts.
    Close #1411
  2. @jakub-g
  3. @jakub-g

    fix #1411 Classic Test Runner: make iframe semi-transparent

    jakub-g authored
    This commit makes an iframe used to run the test in Classic Test Runner
    in isolated mode semi-transparent, in order to easily follow the progress
    of the test suite, which happens in background.
  4. @ymeine

    feat Added backward compatibility for feature #1427

    ymeine authored
    Added backward compatibility for widget's default error messages customization. The non-backward change concerns the keys used inside a resource file to define the hardcoded fallback for default values.
    There is no deprecation message or so on because the broken feature was not a public feature, but a commonly agreed hack.
  5. @ymeine

    feat Improved the widget's default error messages customization.

    ymeine authored
    The implementation and tests code is now cleaner, and the tests are more documented. A little bit of redundancy checking has been introduced in the tests just to make sure that if the order of some methods changes or if some are removed or whatever the tests will still work and be comprehensive.
    Also fixed a small mistake in AutoComplete's default error messages test.
    An unwanted `return` statement was remaining at the end of the `$constructor` of the test. It was not breaking anything regarding our class system implementation, but this remains incorrect.
Commits on Mar 18, 2015
  1. @lsimone


    lsimone authored
Commits on Mar 13, 2015
  1. @ymeine

    compat Adding backward compatibility for feat #1397

    ymeine authored
    (reverted from commit 85ca64460b66d8d7c35dee514a60123096afdb20)
  2. @ymeine
  3. @ymeine

    feat Removing deprecated reference to Browser.environment in own impl…

    ymeine authored
    The problem is that this is still a change of another nature compared to the others: we remove it, but we have another property which is not quite equivalent but can be used as replacement.
    Concretely, `environment` was considered as a synonym of `osName`, and corresponded to the latter's value. This should not be the case, but the documentation and the deprecation logging should reflect the alternative. A custom message could be added to the definition of deprecated properties.
    Closes #1421
  4. @ymeine

    compat Refactoring of Browser and Device classes: backward compatibil…

    ymeine authored
    …ity for Orientation class.
    This commit can be reverted as soon as the deprecation period has ended. It completes commit 608c176 and the latter should be considered regarding the date of the deprecation.
  5. @ymeine

    feat Refactoring of Browser and Device classes: deletion of deprecate…

    ymeine authored
    …d Orientation class.
    There is another commit dealing with the deletion of deprecated code, but this one completes it by removing some code which has been missed.
  6. @ymeine

    feat Customization of widget's error messages

    ymeine authored
    It is now possible for a user to customize the error messages used by the widgets.
    There are 3 levels of error messages specifications, the two firsts being user configuration while the last is the hardcoded default.
    This is resolved in this order of precedence:
    - local: widget's configuration
    - global: application's environment
    - hardcoded: widget's resources
Commits on Mar 12, 2015
  1. @lsimone

    Fix #1424 Configuration beans link in documentation

    Mathieu Bruyen authored lsimone committed
    Few configuration beans were incorrectly referred to by the API
    documentation (using a dot instead of a colon). Fixed for beans
    called CfgBeans.
    (cherry picked from commit 817d3a5)
    Close #1424
Commits on Mar 11, 2015
  1. @lsimone
  2. @lsimone

    feat #1425 validator messages at application level

    lsimone authored
    This commit provides the possibility to globally set messages for validators.
    Validators will show the message with highest priority in this order:
    1) Local message
    2) Global message
    3) Hardcoded default
    close #1425
Commits on Mar 6, 2015
  1. @flongo

    feat 1423 Allow CSSMgr to reuse existing tags

    flongo authored
    It is important for an application to decide the order
    in which widgets and templates-related css rules
    (coming from CSS templates) are inserted in the head tag.
    In order to do that, the application can insert tags with the correct id. This commit allows to use existing tags for the css insertion.
    Close 1423
Commits on Mar 3, 2015
  1. @fbasso
Commits on Mar 2, 2015
  1. @fbasso
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
  1. @divdavem

    feat #1419 Allowing compiled templates to use the new syntax (with re…

    divdavem authored
    This commit makes sure it is possible to load already compiled templates
    converted to the new syntax (with require).
    close #1419
  2. @simonarbuckle
Commits on Feb 23, 2015
  1. @simonarbuckle


    simonarbuckle authored
  2. @divdavem

    fix #1416 Failing TemplateManagerTest and SectionAsContainerTest on IE 7

    divdavem authored
    This commit fixes a regression introduced in commit f9a1670
    for TemplateManagerTest and SectionAsContainerTest on IE 7.
    On IE 7, the toString method of an error object returns no information
    about the error (only the string "[object Error]"). It is necessary to
    use the description property instead.
    This commit depends on the following pull request on noder-js:
Commits on Feb 19, 2015
  1. @ymeine

    Adding backward compatibility for feat #1397

    ymeine authored
    This commit can be reverted as soon as the deprecation period has ended.
    In order to produce this commit, portions of code delimited by comments `/* BACKWARD-COMPATIBILITY-BEGIN (GitHub #1397) */` and `/* BACKWARD-COMPATIBILITY-END (GitHub #1397) */` have been removed. Additional formatting has been needed sometimes (white spaces left overs or some commas at end of lists for instance).
    To find this portions of code easily, this regular expression has been used: `[ \t]*\/\* BACKWARD-COMPATIBILITY-BEGIN \(GitHub \#1397\) \*\/(?:.|\n)*?\/\* BACKWARD-COMPATIBILITY-END \(GitHub \#1397\) \*\/`.
  2. @ymeine

    feat Refactoring and API change of aria.core.Browser and aria.utils.D…

    ymeine authored
    …evice classes.
    There are mainly two main changes:
    - the implementation strategy: see below
    - the API: some properties have been renamed, moved, considered as duplicates or obsolete
    The new implementation strategy concerns everything related to the use of the user agent to extract information. Now an external library is used to do most of the work, and edge cases are handled by us, by fixing some values. Then, some process is done to use the information through our API instead of the external library's one.
    Here is a list of non-backward compatible changes:
    - `aria.core.Browser`
    	- `isIE6` is now obsolete
    	- `isFF` has been removed to keep only `isFirefox`
    	- `browserType` has been removed to keep only `name`
    	- `browserVersion` has been removed to keep only `version`
    	- `environment` has been removed to keep only `osName`
    	- `isOtherMobile` has been renamed to  `isOtherOS`
    	- `DesktopView` has been renamed to  `isDesktopView`
    	- `isPhone` has been removed to keep only `aria.utils.Device.isPhone`
    	- `isTablet` has been removed to keep only `aria.utils.Device.isTablet`
    	- `deviceName` has been moved to `aria.utils.Device.deviceName`
    - `aria.utils.Device`
        - `ua` has been removed to keep only ``
        - `isMobile` has been renamed to  `isPhone`
        - `isPhoneGap` has been moved to `aria.core.Browser.isPhoneGap`
        - `is2DTransformCapable` has been moved to `aria.core.Browser.is2DTransformCapable`
        - `is3DTransformCapable` has been moved to `aria.core.Browser.is3DTransformCapable`
    closes #1397
    closes #1410
Commits on Feb 18, 2015
  1. @divdavem

    fix #1396 Changing error message when a syntax error happens in a tem…

    divdavem authored
    The previous error message (stating that the module did not contain
    the expected class) was confusing.
    Now, when a template cannot be compiled to js, only one clear error message
    is displayed.
Commits on Feb 17, 2015
  1. @simonarbuckle
Commits on Feb 4, 2015
  1. @divdavem

    fix #1407 SplitterTestMoveLeftRight and SplitterTestMoveUpDown

    divdavem authored
    When those test are run in attester, probably because of the added iframe,
    the actual splitter seems to be a few pixels on the right or on the bottom
    of the mouse position, resulting in a test failure.
    With this commit, instead of starting the drag operation at the edge of
    the handle, the mouse is now centered on the handle which makes those tests
    more reliable.
  2. @divdavem

    fix #1408 Allowing the robot not to be available immediately (waits f…

    divdavem authored
    …or 2s)
    Sometimes, if the first test to be executed by a browser is a robot test,
    it can fail with the error "The robot is not available." even if the
    browser was started with selenium-java-robot because selenium-java-robot
    has not yet injected the SeleniumJavaRobot object in the page.
    This commit makes sure we wait up to 2s before raising the error that the
    robot is not available.
Commits on Feb 3, 2015
  1. @lsimone


    lsimone authored
  2. @lsimone

    Revert "Fixes #1379 device orientation detection"

    lsimone authored
    This reverts commit 55399ac.
  3. @divdavem

    fix #1404 test.aria.widgets.container.checkContent.DivTest on Safari

    divdavem authored
    Fixes test.aria.widgets.container.checkContent.DivTest on Safari
    (where scroll bars take no space).
Commits on Feb 2, 2015
  1. @divdavem

    fix #1401 AdaptToContentWidthTest on Safari

    divdavem authored
    This commit fixes test.aria.widgets.form.autocomplete.popupWidth.AdaptToContentWidthTest
    on Safari.
  2. @divdavem

    refactor Splitting test.aria.widgets.form.autocomplete.errorhandling.…

    divdavem authored
    A new scenario was appended to this test in commit aee5efd,
    but this scenario seems to fail on IE. Therefore, this commit separates
    into 2 tests the old and the new scenario so that it is clearer to
    understand what is failing, and if there is a regression.
    close #1400
  3. @lsimone

    fix failing test DialogOnResizeTestCase

    lsimone authored
    The test was failing after recent changes on `aria.utils.Size` that take into account the scrollbar to compute the size of elements.
    It has been fixed (and refactored).
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