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Commits on Feb 11, 2013
  1. @piuccio

    patch 1.3.5A

    piuccio authored
  2. @flongo @piuccio

    fix #376 Issues in html TextInput widget

    flongo authored piuccio committed
    - Autoselection occurring even when the field already had focus
    - Placeholder text in browsers that do not support the native implementation was selectable
  3. @flongo @piuccio

    fix #273 additional whitelisted attributes

    flongo authored piuccio committed
    autofocus, autocomplete, autocapitalize, autocorrect and spellcheck attributes are now in the whitelist.
    closes #372
Commits on Feb 5, 2013
  1. @fbasso


    fbasso authored
  2. @Gprasad @piuccio

    fix #276 icon button test case

    Gprasad authored piuccio committed
Commits on Feb 4, 2013
  1. @jakub-g @piuccio

    fix #349 maxwidth/maxheight issues in Dialog

    jakub-g authored piuccio committed
    After delivering #349 via commit 29331b1
    a regresion was found during release testing: maxwidth/maxheight
    constraints of the Dialog were calculated too big due to addition of the
    shadow. That addition should be done only in maximized mode.
    Moreover, the Dialog was not correctly resized in maximized mode when
    it had maxWidth/maxHeight set. Now that properties are ignored in
    maximized mode.
    Close #359.
Commits on Feb 1, 2013
  1. @jakub-g @piuccio

    feat #349 maximizable dialog

    jakub-g authored piuccio committed
    Dialog can be now maximizable. If configured so, it will have a button to
    maximize/unmaximize next to the close button. It also reacts to the change
    of the data model property "maximized". That property takes precedence
    over center, xpos, ypos, width, height changes.
    When maximized, Dialog occupies the whole viewport and is not
    movable/resizable. After unmaximizing, it returns to the original
    position, size and other capabilities.
    Close #349. Close #358.
Commits on Jan 31, 2013
  1. @piuccio

    fix #348 animation event in non-browser

    piuccio authored
    Make sure that Delegate can be loaded even in non-browser environments like Rhino or nodejs where window/document are not defined
  2. @piuccio

    feat #348 Animation/Transition Event callbacks

    renju richard authored piuccio committed
  3. @piuccio

    feat #352 Orientation change detection functionality for mobile devic…

    sbehera authored piuccio committed
    …es added to AT
  4. @simonarbuckle @divdavem

    fix #274 Refresh section attributes

    simonarbuckle authored divdavem committed
    Close #354.
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
  1. @smadapathi @piuccio

    feat #276 custom image for Iconbutton

    smadapathi authored piuccio committed
Commits on Jan 29, 2013
  1. @flongo @piuccio

    feat #344 Duplicated or misplaced error strings

    flongo authored piuccio committed
  2. @piuccio

    feat #292 Mobile Device Properties

    renju richard authored piuccio committed
Commits on Jan 28, 2013
  1. @jakub-g @divdavem

    feat #80 bindable width and height for containers

    jakub-g authored divdavem committed
    Adds possibility to bind width and height for some of container-based
    widgets (Div, Dialog, Fieldset, TabPanel). The bound size is a subject to
    min/max size constraints for all of those widgets.
    This commit lifts the requirement for widgets to have width/height = -1
    for min/max width/height to work. So this is backward-incompatible change
    in some way, but the behavior of width & maxwidth etc. when provided
    together was undefined earlier, so it should not have relied upon by anyone.
    Apart from the bindable width/height tests, this commit brings also
    a test case on static height constraints of the Dialog widget and their
    behavior when the contents od the Dialog change due to a refresh.
    Close #80. Close #347.
Commits on Jan 24, 2013
  1. @jakub-g @divdavem

    feat #335 configurable number of PhantomJS instances in Attester

    jakub-g authored divdavem committed
    Makes it possible to increase (locally, per-user) no. of PhantomJS
    instances in Attester to parallelize the execution of the test suite
    when launched via 'npm run-script attester' (and 'npm test').
    Type in the console e.g.
     npm config set ariatemplates:phantomjsInstances 4
    to change the default to 4.
    Set it to ~= your processor's noOfCores * noOfThreads * 2
    for max performance. E.g. on quad-core dual-threaded processor,
    set it to 4*2*2 = 16.
    Keep in mind that each thread consumes ~= 30-50 MB of RAM.
    This commit requires attester 1.0.2.
    Close #335. Close #337.
  2. @divdavem @jakub-g

    feat #339 PhantomJS Robot implementation

    divdavem authored jakub-g committed
    Close #339.
Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. @flongo @divdavem

    feat #342 $description no longer mandatory in bean definitions

    flongo authored divdavem committed
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. @jakub-g @piuccio
  2. @jakub-g @piuccio

    feat #327 improve error messages in assertEquals/NotEquals/JsonEquals

    jakub-g authored piuccio committed
    1. Allow usage of %1 %2 in assertEquals messages
    %1 and %2 are shortcuts for value1 and value2 params passed to
    %assertEquals and can be used as placeholders in the error message.
    This commit implements the feature (Assert.js) and changes some of the
    unit tests to use the new capability.
    2. Fix the obvious issue with the error message of
    3. Write serialized versions of JSON entities in assertJsonEquals
    in case there's no default error message passed.
    Close #327. Close #328.
  3. @jakub-g @piuccio

    fix #315 improved test case

    jakub-g authored piuccio committed
    This improves the test case pushed in
    5dc63fd. Under some circumstances, the
    old test may fail.
  4. @jakub-g @divdavem

    feat #329 Remove unnecessary code during Grunt build: part1

    jakub-g authored divdavem committed
    This commits brings a general-usage function to do recursive replacements
    in the AST given the replacements conditions, and adds two sample visitors
    that remove [$]descriptions from the beans and event definitions.
    The visitors are also capable to compute the number of bytes saved in the
    process (the number is displayed at the end of the build by a newly
    created Grunt task).
Commits on Jan 11, 2013
  1. @jakub-g


    jakub-g authored
  2. @divdavem @jakub-g

    fix #325 Slow robot tests in Safari.

    divdavem authored jakub-g committed
  3. @piuccio @jakub-g

    fix #303 checkValue error when no bindings

    piuccio authored jakub-g committed
    the initial fix for #303 introduces a regression when the widget value is not bound to the datamodel.
    If you go from an invalid text a valid value the latter is lost.
    moreover if you go from a valid value to an invalid text the widget's style is that of the helptext.
    Close #326.
Commits on Jan 10, 2013
  1. @jakub-g @divdavem

    fix #309 vertical splitter bug in IE9

    jakub-g authored divdavem committed
    In IE9 a vertical scrollbar can appear even in 0px width container (likely
    a browser bug), this fixes that issue.
    Pull request #323.
  2. @piuccio @divdavem

    fix #322 invalid html test

    piuccio authored divdavem committed
    Html test contains two errors
    1. disabled is a boolean attribute, so it's value should be 'disabled'
    2. using border as style make testing IE painful, the returned value is "border-top/bottom/left/right"
    Using color reduces the problem but anyway the return value is 'COLOR: black' : mixed case and no semicolon
  3. @jakub-g @piuccio

    fix #313 suboptimal encoding of non-ASCII resources

    jakub-g authored piuccio committed
    Removed unnecessary escaping of some characters.
    Added Polish special chars to Polish resources.
    Pull request #317.
  4. @Gprasad @piuccio

    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation

    Gprasad authored piuccio committed
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
    feat #309 vertical splitter implementation
  5. @flongo @piuccio

    feat #319 array of listeners in aria.html.Element

    flongo authored piuccio committed
  6. @jakub-g @piuccio

    doc Fixed some typos in comments and error messages

    jakub-g authored piuccio committed
Commits on Jan 9, 2013
  1. @piuccio @divdavem

    fix #304 expected JSON response in RequestMgr

    piuccio authored divdavem committed
    All request handler wipe out the failure response from the server. This prevents REST applications.
    Moreover, using JSON the expected response should contain JSON also in case of errors.
  2. @jakub-g @piuccio

    fix #315 AutoComplete JS error when clicking the dropdown button

    jakub-g authored piuccio committed
    Fixing a regression after b1eb132 using
    the similar solution as in 1c8d106.
    Pull request #316.
  3. @divdavem @piuccio

    fix #312 Hard-coded dropdown skin class for the List in the MultiSele…

    divdavem authored piuccio committed
    …ct and similar widgets
  4. @divdavem @piuccio

    fix #300 some tests are not referenced in a test suite

    divdavem authored piuccio committed
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