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Commits on Sep 02, 2013
@mlaval mlaval fix #690 Adds shortnames for days in Russian 40c577d
Commits on Sep 05, 2013
@flongo flongo fix #692 Multiple modal dialogs not closing on ESCAPE
When two modal dialogs were open (the one on top of the other), the top one would close on ESCAPE. A second press of the ESCAPE key would not close the second.

Also, when closing a modal dialog, the focus should be given to the dialog below it, if there is one.
Commits on Sep 10, 2013
@mlaval mlaval fix #702 PageEngine: can't use custom animation for page transition fefd82e
Commits on Sep 11, 2013
@fab-b fab-b feat #708 Dialog widget movable property
This commit add the possibility to bind the movable property of a dialog widget to the data model
@jakub-g jakub-g fix #685 deprecate Tooltip/Dialog as containers
Close #686.
@lsimone lsimone fix #716 button sprites renamed for new release:
each time an image is changed, it should be renamed with the version number because multiple AT installation could cause conflicts.
@fbasso fbasso feat #711 Deprecation of section content and some refresh parameters:
  - Content is deprecated in favor of the macro usage,
  - filterSection and outputSection are deprecated in the $refresh, replaced by the section parameter.

Close #711
Commits on Sep 17, 2013
@divdavem divdavem refactor Removing intermediate variable when calling Aria.classDefini…

Some files are using an intermediate variable before calling
Aria.classDefinition or Aria.tplScriptDefinition.
This is useless, and can prevent some automatic tools from working on
those files.
This commit removes the intermediate variable, which makes Aria Templates
files more consistent.

Close #729.
Enguerran Mathieu fix #728 Headers should not be shared between request handler instances
JSONRequestHandler used to have a headers which were implicitly static,
causing issues when modifying those headers with
@simonarbuckle simonarbuckle fix #727 Callback failure when submitting a JSON request should be ha…
…ndled in the framework.

Close #731
Commits on Sep 18, 2013
@jakub-g jakub-g refactor Rename some tests
Also fix a minor issue with MaximizableDialogTest which had template test
env set incorrectly.

Close #684.
@mlaval mlaval fix #722 PageEngine animation CSS rules are added multiple times in t…
…he DOM
@jakub-g jakub-g refactor TemplateInheritanceTest
Close #719.
@divdavem divdavem fix #727 Refresh manager not resumed after an exception in a module c…

Close #735
Commits on Sep 19, 2013
@jakub-g jakub-g feat #682 replace `contentMacro` with `macro` in @aria:Dialog
To make API more consistent, let `macro` in @aria:Dialog be a synonym for

`contentMacro` is deprecated from now on.

Close #682. Close #687.
@lsimone lsimone feat #736 Animations for HTML elements
Close #736
Commits on Sep 20, 2013
@jakub-g jakub-g fix #737 `childElementCount` not supported in IE8- 848fffb
@lsimone lsimone fix #738 IE9+ opacity issue 847e6d3
Commits on Sep 24, 2013
@jakub-g jakub-g feat #739 extract css.Units util
Extract existing unit manipulation tool.

Add some new methods for reverse direction calculations and also some
helper methods needed for IE8- polyfill of
They're all in this class instead of `utils.Dom` to avoid circular dependencies.

Also fix some small issues:
- `font-size` -> `fontSize` in a check
- `fontSize` returned can be non-pixel in IE; taken into consideration now
@jakub-g jakub-g fix #739 consider borders/paddings in getStyle(width|height) in IE 6cd4ed1
@simonarbuckle simonarbuckle v1.4.10 e54d468