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Change the order in Travis build & make it fail fast #256

jakub-g opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Current Travis order:
JSHint, package, attester

New order should be:
JSHint, attester, package

Also, while invoking npm install we do the full build which doesn't make sense.

The other thing is that when there's error while loading Aria in node.js main file, we return exit code 0 (which means all's fine) which is also wrong. It has to be changed to make it possible to short-circuit execution and fail fast in the build when error spotted.

@jakub-g jakub-g referenced this issue from a commit in jakub-g/ariatemplates
@jakub-g jakub-g fix #256 change order in travis build
Run attester before packager. Do not do packaging on 'npm install'. Exit
early in case of errors.

Close #258.

By the way, there's an error in package.json, grunt is marked as a devDependencies but it's used by the install script, meaning that any other package with a dependency on Aria Templates now fails to build


Good to know.

However once we remove install doing Grunt, it will not be a problem any longer.

So regarding the previous comments on the pull request, I think the most reasonable thing to do is to add prestart which will look into a local directory to see if the built version of the fwk is there, and log a warning if not. Do you agree?

Or maybe do not display a checkbox in the HTML for 'use minified code' (or make it non-editable) in that case? :)


Closed by #275

@jakub-g jakub-g closed this
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