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PR: Build with Grunt #240

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Summary of the changes:

  1. Rewriting Packman build to Grunt:
    • Removed packman code
    • Added equivalent Grunt code
    • Removed packman and its dependencies from package.json, added Grunt and required deps
    • Updated JSHint version to 0.9.0; note that 0.9.1 is severely backward incompatible due to whitespace handling change, so I hardcoded v0.9.0 as a dependency, and overridden the Grunt's helper, hence the JSHint version will be taken from package.json instead of Grunt dependencies config. Anyway I've also taken care of it in the overriden Grunt JSHint helper -- to ignore some warnings that are not configurable in JSHint.
    • The point above shows that it's better to have strictly hardcoded versions of deps to have repeatble builds, and to bump them from time to time.
  2. Fixes / new features:
    • (feat) License header inserted at build time print now AT version and current date.
    • (feat) Framework version is injected at build time as Aria.version.
    • (feat) Build now checks whether input files have UPPERCASE extension and warns if so.
    • (fix) Some binary files and/or HTML/TXT files were having license header added in the build. No longer the case.
    • (feat) Warning from packager when some input files were not included in the urlmap.json and hence are not part of any package. Currently there's only a warning, files are not copied. We may change it in the future, but the most sensible thing would be to review those files and include them manually into some package, or to add some of them into ignore list.
    • (feat) Build summary is displayed at the end, measuring the size of output packaged, comparing minified and gzipped.
    • (fix) Unicode escapes (\u1234) are no longer changed into (wrong) UTF8 strings by Uglify (the issue was with the resouce files)
    • (feat) more files get JSHinted (almost all in fact); including build files and aria/node.js. Build has a separate JSHint config (global config + additional per-task config to ignore Node globals)

Sample build output:

@piuccio piuccio added a commit that referenced this pull request
@jakub-g jakub-g feat #239 build with grunt instead of packman
Pull request #240. Close #239.
@piuccio piuccio closed this
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Commits on Nov 28, 2012
  1. @jakub-g

    feat #239 build with grunt instead of packman

    jakub-g committed
    Pull request #240. Close #239.
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