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See #256.

@jakub-g jakub-g fix #256 change order in travis build
Run attester before packager. Do not do packaging on 'npm install'. Exit
early in case of errors.

Close #258.
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@piuccio piuccio commented on the diff Nov 30, 2012
@@ -18,8 +18,10 @@
"port": "8080"
"scripts": {
- "install": "node node_modules/grunt/bin/grunt",
- "test": "node node_modules/attester/bin/attester.js test/attester.yml --phantomjs-instances 2",
+ "grunt": "node node_modules/grunt/bin/grunt",
+ "attester" : "node node_modules/attester/bin/attester.js test/attester.yml --phantomjs-instances 2",
+ "lint": "node node_modules/grunt/bin/grunt atlint",
+ "test": "npm run-script lint && npm run-script attester && npm run-script grunt",
"start": "node scripts/server.js",
piuccio Nov 30, 2012

start relies on the fact the install does a package. This script should be modified as well

jakub-g Dec 4, 2012

What's your preferred solution for this? Should I change prestart to do npm install && npm run-script grunt ?

I'm not sure if this is the best way -- it'll run new build every time I want to run npm start which could be an overkill. Especially if I want to run tests on non-minified code which is BTW the default selected option on the page when you run npm start -- you have to tick a checkbox to enable 'use minified code'.

I can think of the following alternatives:
1) a shell script which will run the build if certain files are not found, otherwise ask interactively 'hey, you seem to have a build, but do you want to do a fresh one?'
2) same as above, but just log a warning ("you won't be able to run tests on minified code") instead of doing automagic.


Closed by #275

@piuccio piuccio closed this Dec 14, 2012
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