An unofficial modification of WinDirStat
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An unofficial modification of WinDirStat. Tremendous performance improvements.

This repository is used to be an ugly, hacky, bundle of crap - but now it's just a bundle of crap.

I've been working on some interesting static analysis stuff lately, so development has slowed down :(

In the mean time, I'm planning to cut out some of the MFC code (replaced with the raw Windows API that MFC poorly wraps) ...and then switch over to VS 2015.

A quick guide to the structure of this repository:

  • Reference Code
    • Code that I referenced/studied early in development
    • None of it compiles as part of altWinDirStat
  • WinDirStat
    • My branch, this contains the Visual Studio 2013 .sln file
    • This is where the source code is!
    • Has it's own, more detailed
  • Development Screenshots
    • Interesting things I saw while working on altWinDirStat
  • filesystem-docs-n-stuff
    • All sorts of information on NTFS and NTFS internals
    • LOADS of good stuff in here!
    • Also has mirrors of any documentation that I mention in the source code
  • stress-progs
    • A native application that I've built to stress test WinDirStat by creating an arbitrary number of randomly named files
    • Has it's own .sln file, and is developed concurrently (albeit sporadically)
  • stress-scripts
    • A naive version of the aforementioned stress testing utility, written in Python
    • Turned out to be extremely slow, caused by a massive text-encoding bottleneck in Python
  • (many other files, not yet sorted)