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Docker image for building lumo against the musl.
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Docker musl 4️⃣ lumo

This repo contains the DockerFile necessary for building Lumo (the ClojureScript self-hosted Node.js interpreter) statically, against the musl libc replacement.

This is particularly important for creating your own AWS Lambda runtime.

More information and detailed instructions on how to achieve that can be found at grav/aws-lumo-cljs-runtime.


After cloning, run:

cd ami
docker build . -t lumo-musl-ami

Compiling Lumo

First things first, pull down the docker image:

docker pull arichiardi/lumo-musl-ami

Second, clone lumo:

git clone   # anywhere on your filesystem

Finally, build using the image:

docker run -v /path/to/lumo:/lumo -v /home/user/.m2:/root/.m2 -v /home/user/.boot/cache:/.boot/cache --rm lumo-musl-ami

The /root/.m2 and /.boot/cache mappings are optional but recommended for avoiding downloading dependencies multiple times.

The (long) process will compile the lumo static binary under /path/to/lumo/build.

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