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Digital Activism at Eyebeam

In this course, we will be exploring ways that technology can be used to interpret data and facts into visual or audio interactive experiences.

We will begin by taking a look at different examples of digital activism and how creatives have merged data and facts with visual and audio experiences.

A few data art/visualization examples include graphics I built using p5.js:

Using P5.js Weed Disparity
Pedestrian ticketing
Jacksonville, FL Pedestrian

After spending time exploring different data art creations, we'll explore different datasets that we could possibly use in our own creations.

Some datasets include:

Datasets: How are you feeling data set
Plane Crash Info
List of The Presidents
The Sentencing Project
Social Science in The Public Interest Database
Bureau of Justice Statistics
NYC Open Data
Open Government
DC Open Data
Pew Research

We'll then be quickly introduced to p5.js and ways we can quickly build visualizations within it.

We'll spend time building our own data art and then use the last portion of class to share our work.

Other resources: Adobe Kuler

Quick Templates: Squares