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Custom Banner Plugin

The Custom Banner Plugin is an extension for Grav CMS which adds a custom banner to your Grav site.

Example Screenshots


To install the Custom Banner plugin you need to put its files in the grav/user/plugins/custom-banner/ directory.

The easiest way to do this is to install the plugin through the Admin plugin which does it all for you, but you can also use the command line Grav Package Manager, or even just do it manually.

Admin Plugin (Recommended)

If you use the Admin Plugin, you can install the plugin directly by browsing the Plugins-menu and clicking on the Add button, then searching through the available plugins.

GPM Installation

To install the plugin via the GPM, through your system's command line, navigate to the root of your Grav-installation, and enter:

bin/gpm install custom-banner

On some systems you may need to prepend this command with php .

Manual Installation

To install the plugin manually, download the zip-version of this repository and unzip it under grav/user/plugins. Then rename the folder to custom-banner.

You can find these files on GitHub or via


Once configured and activated this plugin displays a banner on your site, and needs no other intervention.

Configuration file

Configure the plugin to customise the appearance and behaviour of the banner. It's easiest to configure it through the Admin Plugin, by navigating to admin/plugins/custom-banner. This updates the configuration file through an easy to use graphical user interface.

Alternatively you may configure it manually by copying the grav/user/plugins/custom-banner/custom-banner.yaml to grav/user/config/plugins/custom-banner.yaml and making your changes in that configuration file.

The default configuration file is as follows:

enabled: true
content: Custom Text added by the <b>Custom Banner</b> plugin (disable plugin to remove)
position: bottom
button-text: Click me...
button: true
dismiss-text: Dismiss
dismiss-button: true
cdn-fix: false
bg-colour: '#A1C3B2'
fg-colour: 'rgba(0, 20, 10, 0.90)'
box-shadow: true
  - /route-to-page/you-want-to/exclude

Which creates a default banner that looks like this:

Screenshot of default banner


The configuration options can broadly be separated into those that change the plugins appearance, and those that change its behaviour. See the above default configuration for examples of valid configuration values.


Option Type Description
content string The content of the banner. It must be valid HTML as it is injected directly into a <div> within the banner. Generally, the smaller and simpler this is the better it will appear (without manual CSS customisation).
position string Whether the banner appears at the bottom or top of the screen.
button-text string The text of the action button. It is injected into an <a> within the banner so make sure it meets the permitted content requirements.
dismiss-text string The text of the dismiss button. It is injected into an <a> within the banner so make sure it meets the permitted content requirements.
bg-colour string The colour of the banner background. Should be a valid HTML colour representation.
fg-colour string The colour of the banner content. Should be a valid HTML colour representation.
box-shadow boolean Whether or not the banner should cast a shadow on the page below it.


Option Type Description
button-url string The URL that the action button links to.
show-on-pages array of strings List of routes of pages on which the banner should be exclusively shown (i.e. a whitelist). Leave empty to show the banner on all pages.
hide-on-pages array of strings List of routes of pages on which the banner should be hidden (i.e. a blacklist). Takes priority over the show-on-pages value for any given page route.
button boolean Whether an action button is shown or not.
dismiss-button boolean Whether a dismiss button is shown or not.
cdn-fix boolean Enable if a CDN is used for cacheing in-front of the site. This uses client-side javascript for the display logic rather than the default behaviour of server-side logic.


The initial concept was inspired by the premium banner from the Grav Site, but the designed has since evolved to improve responsiveness and customisation.

Thanks to all contributors, and those who have reported bugs and proposed improvements.


  • If you use the plugin and have found a bug or would like to see a new feature please open an issue.
  • If you speak multiple languages and could help with translations then please fork this repository, add your translations to the languages.yaml file, and open a pull request.
  • If you are a developer and would like to contribute then please fork, commit, and pull-request as normal - if you don't have any ideas then the open issues is a good place to start!