A rails plugin to backup application files and a mysql database to Amazon S3
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NOTE: This gem is no longer maintained. Please contact me if you are interested in helping maintain it.


1. Add the dependencies to your Gemfile
    gem 'backup2s3'

2. Run the generator in your application root directory
    rails g backup2s3

3. Change your settings in config/backup2s3.yml

USAGE (rake tasks)

Create -- Creates a backup and moves it to S3
       -- comment - Add notes here to mark specific backups (optional)

  rake backup2s3:backup:create
  rake backup2s3:backup:create  comment='put notes about backup here if needed'

Delete  -- Deletes the specified backup
        -- id - Backup to delete, backup ids will be found using List

  rake backup2s3:backup:delete  id='20100913180541'

List    -- Lists all backups that are currently on S3
        -- details - Setting details to true will display backup file names
                     and backup comments (optional)

  rake backup2s3:backup:list
  rake backup2s3:backup:list  details=true

Restore -- Restores a specific backup
        -- id - Backup to restore, backup ids will be found using List task

  rake backup2s3:backup:restore id='20100913180541'