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This Windows PC based validation software "IGCcheck.exe" is part of the Open Validation Server project. More details at

Scope: Competition Scorers may use the tool to check all IGC files from a FS competition folder, with a single mouse click. (instead of using the WebInterface at More details, at


  • Windows 10 x86 (or x64) + .Net 3.5 and .Net 4.0 Since unfortunately some vali.exe files are not (yet) compatible to the CIVL draft standard, you need to have .Net framework installed (3.5 and 4.0).

Installation: Download everything here from GitHub as a ZIP. Then extract it on your PC, for example into your FS folder as a new subdirectory called "IGCcheck".

HowTo Run: make sure you have the "bin" directory with all vali-exe files within same directory of IGCcheck.exe. Double click the IGCcheck.exe, then you will be asked to select the directory where your IGC files are located.

The IGC scan may take about 2-3sec for each IGC file. So if you have many files to check, you have to wait a while, until you see the result window ! The program runs completely on the background, without any progress bar.

SourceCode: The code is based on a simple AutoIt script. See for more details. In case you want to modify the script with your needs, I recommended to use the SciTE4AutoIt3.exe AutoIt Script Editor Installer, you can download from

Please note, not all vali.exe binaries may work, depending on their implementation. So far problems are known with XPF and XAF vali exe binaries. But they are not really common used at competitions to create IGC files.


PC based validation for IGC files (see




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