Grails, Backbone (with Marionette), MongoDB, with JSON REST API plugin.
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This is my playground to play around with the following technology:

  • Grails
  • Backbone + Backbone Marionette (Javascript)
  • MongoDB

Basically I just copy paste and modify some code from Addy Osmani and Derick Bailey's repo. Later I'll put the link to their repo.

How to run this application

What's next to add

  • Change domain model to more complex domain. I will create a form where each field itself is an object.
  • Add feature to have real time comment on each field, using Vert.x
  • ...

Current status

I leave master branch as is, containing simple TO DO apps. I'll comeback to complete the functionality later on.

I have created new branch (vert.x) to add vert.x into grails. Just to ensure the Vert.x setup is working before I move on to next step:

  • integrating Backbone with SockJS
  • let it talk with Vert.x.

Note that I upgrade to JDK 7 to make it work with Vert.x.