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YADDM - Yet Another Drop-Down Menu

YADDM stands for "Yet Another Drop-Down Menu".

It supplies an interface for creating keyboard and mouse accessible drop-down menus. This means the class handles all related events, but it does not supply any open/close effects, ony hooks for supplying them:

  1. CSS class based effects.
  2. Supply an open/close functions to the constructor
  3. Use the class's events.

The supplied demo shows how to use these.


Tested and found working on FF 3.5, IE6-8, Safari 4 (read notes) and Chrome 3

How to use

The class is very simple. you simply need to call it and it will generate a dropdown functionality on all marked ULs it assumes each li has exactly one anchor in it. sub-menues are neted ULs with specified class (default to submenu). NOTE: you can use whatever structure you would like, but you should note that the keyboard accessiblility assumes each menu item has an anchor in it. i haven't tested it, but a missing anchor might break the class

You can either use the contructor:

var menu = new YADDM();

Or use the supplied function:


Knows Issues

  • The library assumes standart keyboard support using Tag / Shift+Tab to navigate between anchors for it's keyboard support. This means 2 things: 1. If a browser has different shortcuts, they should work almost completetly. 2. if the browser does not have these the keyboard functionality will not work.
  • Using Shit+Tab on last Subemenu item will result in unfocused menu (behaviour changes between different browser
  • Safari requiers that you enable tab browsing through 'Prefrences' > 'Advanced' > 'Press Tab to highlight each item on a web page'
  • For browser with different shortcuts, there will be an issue if you try to unfocus a menu who's handle is the first anchor on the menu-bar using the Shift+Tab alternative.


  • className (string) : an alternative class-name to identify the submenus with
  • openFunction (Function: defaults to $empty): an alternative function to use for opening effect. recieves one paramater- the menu to be opened
  • closeFunction (Function: defaults to $empty): same as above but for close


  • open : fires when a menu was opened. passes the menu element
  • close : same as above but for close

CSS Classes

the Class assigns 2 css classes to it's element:

  • menu-opened : an opened menu
  • menu-closed : a closed menu