Capistrano integration for Resque
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Capistrano Resque

Basic tasks for putting some Resque in your Cap.

In your Capfile:

require "capistrano-resque"

In your deploy.rb:

set :workers, { "my_queue_name" => 2 }

You can also specify multiple queues and the number of workers for each queue:

set :workers, { "archive" => 1, "mailing" => 3, "search_index, cache_warming" => 1 }

The above will start five workers in total:

  • one listening on the archive queue
  • one listening on the search_index, cache_warming queue
  • three listening on the mailing queue

The tasks

Running cap -vT | grep resque should give you...

➔ cap -vT | grep resque

cap resque:start     # Start Resque workers
cap resque:stop      # Quit running Resque workers
cap resque:restart   # Restart running Resque workers

Restart on deployer

To restart you workers automatically when cap deploy:restart is executed add the following line to your deploy.rb:

after "deploy:restart", "resque:restart"