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assert = require 'assert'
helper = require('./tests').helper()
server = require('http').createServer (req, res) ->
res.writeHead 200
res.end "fetched"
server.listen 9001, ->
assert.equal 4, helper.listeners.length
assert.equal 0, helper.sent.length
helper.receive 'test'
assert.equal 1, helper.sent.length
assert.equal 'OK', helper.sent[0]
helper.receive 'reply'
assert.equal 2, helper.sent.length
assert.equal 'helper: OK', helper.sent[1]
helper.receive 'random'
assert.equal 3, helper.sent.length
assert.ok helper.sent[2].match(/^(1|2)$/)
# set a callback for when the next message is replied to
helper.cb = (msg) ->
assert.equal 4, helper.sent.length
assert.equal 'fetched', msg
helper.receive 'http'
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