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in case of tv series it should consider having season and episodes as attributes


What do you expect of this gem in the case of TV series?

Should we set an attribute indicating a TV-series?
Or have information on the episodes as well?


something like:
show ='0411008')
first_episode = show.episodes.first
first_episode.title # 'Pilot: Part 1'
first_episode.aired_on # object for 22 September 2004
first_episode.season # 1
first_episode.number # 1 within the season

Also find the last episode that was aired:

season info can be found appending '/episodes#season-X' to the url, and the episodes follow the same pattern as movies or tv series ('[id]/'), please let me know if I can help you,

kind regards,


Is anyone interested in this? If so, feel free to send a patch.


This would be very interesting to me as well, as I'm looking into porting my TV series renaming script ( to Ruby, and can't do it without this functionality.
Perhaps the Perl IMDB package can provide some inspiration?


I fork you project and add this featurs last year :


@mlamarque Please create a pull request for your code and specs. I'll be happy to merge it.


I'd also love a feature like this, I'm currently having to do something akin to:
if i.title.include? 'series'
But it's not entirely foolproof so a proper solution would be great.


This is now covered in #35 and scheduled for release 0.7, which should happen soon.

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