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  • This is a wrapper for Riak's native java client in Scala
  • Uses a very similar approach to Lift's Record, but slimmed down (code taken)
  • I'm not familiar with concurrency and believe this is causing the issues reproducible with the steps below
  • I'm not using Riak currently and do not intend to update this in the forseeable future


  1. in base directory, run: "bin/sbt"

  2. in the prompt type "test"

  3. Make sure the tests run correctly, all should pass at this stage, try it a couple of times if fails as now that I've put this into a separate project sbt seems to run faster and cause problems (I think I may be resetting the connection too frequently)

  4. When all the tests have passed go to test/models/riakTest/MapReduce.scala and look for the section market "UNCOMMENT THIS SECTION" and uncomment it

  5. Rerun "test"


  • If sbt hangs, or runs out of memory just Ctrl-C a couple of times and follow instructions above

  • Make sure you're pointing to a valid riak instance in

    • test/models/riakTest/MapReduce.scala and
    • test/models/riakTest/Operations.scala
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