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Source code developed in class for the Compiler Design course, section 1, August-December semester, 2019.
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Code Generation Reverse engineering C# code Nov 12, 2019
Lexical Analysis
Simple Expression Language
flex and yacc Simple expression language using flex and bison Oct 14, 2019


Tc3048.1 Compiler Design

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Estado de México.

This project contains all the source files that the course instructor will be writing in class during the 2019 August-December semester.

You can inspect the files directly through this site, or you can use git to obtain a local copy of these. In the latter case, you must do the following:

  1. If necessary, install a git client in your computer.

  2. Clone this repository. Type at the terminal:

    git clone tc3048
  3. Change your current working directory to tc3048:

    cd tc3048

    You will find all the project source files under this directory.

  4. Every time the instructor updates an existing file or creates a new one, you will need to run the repository pull command. Type at the terminal from within the tc3048 directory:

    git pull
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