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Class Exercise: Strategy Pattern

Study carefully the classes called Student, StudentStrategy, and Course contained in the strategy.rb file. They are part of a partial implementation of a software system that uses the strategy pattern. You must implement in this same file three concrete strategies for this system:

  • CountGenderStrategy: Strategy for counting the number of students with a certain gender (male or female) in a course.

  • ComputeAverageGPAStrategy: Strategy for computing the average of all the students’ GPA (Grade Point Average) scores in a course. Returns nil if the course has no students.

  • BestGPAStrategy: Strategy for getting the name of the student with the highest GPA score in a course. Returns nil if the course has no students.

These three classes must extend the StudentStrategy class. See the corresponding unit tests in the strategy_test.rb file for more specific details and examples.

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