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* How to create/update a pot (translation template) file:
xgettext emesene/*.py emesene/e3/base/ emesene/e3/common/ emesene/gui/base/ emesene/gui/base/ emesene/gui/gtkui/*.py emesene/gui/common/*.py -o emesene.pot
The translations are located at:
* How to easily upload a file to
Assuming you have the proper rights on, just type (example)
scp emesene1.6.3-install.exe c10ud,
otherwise try with the web ui.
* How to check which people contributed (git commits) ordered by number of commits:
Currently we are adding to the about box people with commits >= 50
until someone provides better metrics or different reasons or we can load
CONTRIBUTORS at runtime (we must find a way to get it packaged)
git log --all --format='%aN <%aE>' | sort | uniq -c -i -d | sort -n -r
or in emesene/ just run the python script (that will update CONTRIBUTORS):
* How to tag a release with git:
See - tl;dr:
git tag -s v2.xx.y -m 'my signed 2.xx.y tag'
git push --tags
You will automagically have a{tar,zip}ball/v2.xx.y link pointing to the {tar,zip} archive with the tagged code