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CL-Locale - Simple i18n library for Common Lisp



(define-dictionary schedule
  (:ja-JP #p"i18n/ja_JP/message.lisp")
  (:fr-FR #p"i18n/fr_FR/message.lisp"))

(define-dictionary lisp
  (:ja-JP #p"i18n/ja_JP/message.lisp"))

(setf (current-dictionary) :schedule)

;=> "Schedule"

(i18n "Schedule" :locale :ja-JP)
;=> "予定"

(let ((*locale* :fr-FR))
;=> "Calendrier"

#i("Comments: ~A" 10)
;=> "コメント: 10個"

What the difference

  • cl-i18n: Does nit support loading multiple locales at the same time.
  • cl-l10n: No reader macro predefined. No tools to automatically generate localizable files / language files.

Dictionary Resource

; ja_JP/message.lisp
(("Schedule" . "予定")
 ("Lisping" . "舌足らず"))

; fr_FR/message.lisp
(("Schedule" . "Calendrier"))


Copyright (c) 2011 Eitarow Fukamachi
Licensed under the LLGPL License.

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