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(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage cl-locale-test
(:use :cl
(in-package :cl-locale-test)
(use-syntax locale-syntax)
(plan 8)
(setf *dictionary-tables* (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(setf *locale* :en-US)
(define-dictionary schedule
(:ja-JP '(("Schedule" . "予定")))
(:fr-FR '(("Schedule" . "Calendrier"))))
(is (i18n "Schedule") "Schedule" "en-US (default locale)")
(setf *locale* :ja-JP)
(is (i18n "Schedule") "予定" "ja-JP (default locale)")
(is (i18n "Schedule" :locale :ja-JP) "予定" "ja-JP")
(is (i18n "Schedule" :locale :fr-FR) "Calendrier" "fr-FR")
(define-dictionary lisp
(:ja-JP (asdf:system-relative-pathname
(:fr-FR (asdf:system-relative-pathname
(let ((jp-mean
(flex:octets-to-string #(232 136 140 232 182 179 227 130 137 227 129 154)
:external-format :utf-8)))
(is (i18n "Lisping" :locale :ja-JP)
"load from file")
(is #i"Lisping" jp-mean "with reader macro"))
(let ((jp-mean
(flex:octets-to-string #(67 111 109 109 111 110 32 227 130 138 227 129 153 227 129 183)
:external-format :utf-8)))
(is (i18n "~A Lisp" :params '("Common") :locale :ja-JP) jp-mean
"format-control string")
(is #i("~A Lisp" "Common") jp-mean
"format-control string with reader macro"))
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