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Learning SDN with NSX and OpenvSwitch as a vSphere admin for fun and profit

v1.0, delivered in the Seattle Usercon

Slides as presented

If you just need the slides and don't care about the audio files, please click here

If you want to play the audio and videio as well, please download the zip file, you may need to adjust the file path on the audio links and have an internet connection for Youtube.

Feedback to improve for v1.1

  • Fix discrepancies between abstract and presentation. There was little technical lab content. This obeyed some technical difficulties I had, but I also need to do more slides into installing NSX homelabs and showing OVS configs for vSphere/NSX
  • Fixing grammar inconsistencies
  • Fixing Pi AP access to lab equipment
  • The audio slide just doesn't work as it is today. Consolidate audio into one file, make a video with either the words or timeline. People are visual
  • Expand on the "for profit" part of why learning SDN is good for you
  • I had two people ask me what the difference between NSX-V and T is. I should not assume and include a slide
  • Improve story arc; I personally felt there wasn't a good "main course"; felt more like eating a series of appetizers...

Original abstract submission:

Session Title
Learning SDN with NSX and OpenvSwitch as a vSphere admin for fun and profit

Perceived Need

  • Learn about SDN (Software Defined Networking), its ecosystem and VMware's offerings in the space
  • Learn core concepts and how both NSX and Open vSwitch reach a next-gen networking architecture
  • How to play with both products in your homelab for hands-on learning and example of homelab builds
  • vCommunity resources and communities to learn more

Session Description
Software Defined Networking has changed the perspectives of traditional hardware-based networking and the agility of cloud computing. With software comes programmability, flexibility and extensibility, but it's also a bit more complex to understand and learn.
There isn't a better product than NSX to showcase the capabilities of SDN. There's official training but nothing beats hands-on time. In this talk we will discuss how to deploy and learn NSX in your homelab, as well as other open source solutions (OpenvSwitch and its ecosystem). We will cover some basic concepts, several use cases and lessons learned that resonate even if you don't know much about networking. We will end this #vCommunity talk by reviewing where you can find more information and step-by-step walk-throughs, helpful communities and labs.