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The getting started with GitHub Pages and Jekyll is a personal project of mine. The goal is to get familiar with the process of setting up and maintaining a static site with Git. It is a simple exercise to help me get started in learning this new thing. It will not serve as a portfolio site, but I plan to have my other GitHub projects linked to one of the categories that will be added later.

Folder and File Structure

  • Where to find the full information about the project and instructions.


css, html , javascript, processing, markdown


html/css, web design, web development, websites, blogging, content strategy, social media marketing

To-do list:

  • Add social media icons to Home + one panic button
  • Code the dark mode for blog
  • Dark mode switch (the panic button)
  • Optimize content for night/dark mode
  • Create a style sheet
  • Create at least one project to link
  • Fix the Stuff section
  • Add social media buttons at the bottom of the page and the About section
  • Finish up materials for the homepage
  • Divide content into folders: About, Words, Stuff, Guides, Resources
  • Remove idle folders
  • Create secret guides
  • Add dates to articles
  • Create article directory
  • Feed :octocat:


  • Developing Data Products, Lecture 26 - Very quick introduction to gh-pages, Coursera
  • Create a Website: Create a Static Website Using Jekyll, Codecademy
  • Deploy Your Website: Deploy Your Website to GitHub Pages, Codecademy
  • Creating and Hosting a Personal Site on GitHub, Johnathan McGlone
  • Get Started With GitHub Pages (Plus Bonus Jekyll), Anna Debenham
  • Google Analytics for Jekyll, Desired Persona
  • A Guide to Using GitHub Pages, Thinkful
  • GitHub Pages


Getting started with GitHub Pages and Jekyll



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