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Backbone-based Quartz clone with Medium-style blogging features.
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  • Backbone.js-based clone of the popular business news site Quartz with Medium-style blogging features
  • Implements site-wide infinite scroll built on top of Kaminari and firing custom SQL queries
  • Utilizes Redis to maintain full page-level article cache, refreshing on database changes
  • Uses custom-built Markdown-based text editor with live HTML text and image preview, allowing for automated text selection and instantaneous AJAX uploading and rendering
  • Live searches and highlights full article text with prioritized PgSearch query

Website live on Suggested demo path:

  • Sign in as demo user (click the "demo user" button in the sign-in modal)
  • Click around on the different view filters (popular, votecount, favorites)
    • Scroll to the bottom to see infinite scroll in action!
    • And try navigating with the sidebar.
  • Try sorting by tag, then try searching by a tag that isn't there (click the little white search icon directly to the right of the tag label), e.g. "apple". Infinite scroll here too when applicable.
  • Try clicking the white search icon in the navbar and searching for something, e.g. "google". Infinite scroll here too when applicable.
  • Click the dashboard link in the dropdown menu in the uppermost righthand corner of the page to go to your dashboard.
  • Create a new article; watch the live preview in action!
  • On submit, try favoriting and commenting on your new article; watch notifications be added in the navbar and the article's votecount increase in the sidebar.
    • Try deleting the article (via the link in the sidebar); its associated notification will go away.
  • Once you finally get tired of the site, hit ctrl-a to have a little bit of fun! (Refresh and/or click on the page if nothing happens.)
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