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A TSA random arrow generator
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TSA Line Assistant

This tool is a sophisticated line management and direction randomization assistant. It allows TSA agents to determine the optimal randomly assigned queue to send passengers to for their preflight screening.

Installation Instructions

  1. Contact our sales department at to purchase an ​enhanced security​ iPad for use with the TSA Line Assistant application. Installation will not be possible on any other device.
  2. After receiving the ​enhanced security​ iPad, open up the Safari application.
  3. To install the application, enter into the address bar.
  4. The application will be automatically downloaded to your browser and ready for use. Your credit card will automatically be charged for $9.99.

TSA Line Assistant Certification Courses

Using our cloud services can require enhanced training. Ensure your team has the skills to succeed. Our certification courses provide operational training and the deepest level of technical expertise for TSA Line Assistant deployments.


Q: What if someone suspicious looking is not selected for screening by the app?

A: It is possible that the app will at times provided an unwanted result. If this occurs simply rotate the iPad by 180 degrees.

Q: What if my particular situation requires more than 2 direction arrows?

A: We currently enable two directions for free. If more than two direction arrows are required for your particular use case, please contact us at to learn more about our paid plans.

Q: I paid an extra $336,000 for an extra direction for my arrow, but now I don't need it.

A: TSA Engineering does not reimburse users for unused direction arrows.

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