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0.8.1 / 2013-11-30
This is a bugfixes release.
0.8 / 2013-11-16
With this release we are getting close to the whole features we thought for 1.0 version of Nomeolvides. We have
given some love to the user interface to make user experience more pleasant. Now the application can be
translated, right now it is available in english and spanish. We also use sqlite to handling data, due to this a migration
is needed, wich is made by our shining migrator for data added in the early version. It is also possible to undo a
deletion of a colection or a list without lossing any data. libgee is not needed anymore and there also a lot of bug-fixes.
0.6 / 2013-05-02
In this new version of Nomeolvides there are many new features. Now you can organize you facts with the new
custom list feature. Also, right now changes are auto-saved instantly. Due to this, now if you delete or edit a fact
by mistake, you can undo the changes. And last, but not least, we have rewrite a lot of code and fixed various bugs.
0.4 / 2013-02-28
Just in time we have released the second version of Nomeolvides. Now you can send your historical facts by e-mail.
There are also an Official data source via internet. And now you can add a bibliographical source to your facts.
There are also many bugs fixes, too.
0.2.1 / 2013-01-25
There is a new application menu. We have also resolved some issues.
0.2 / 2013-01-19
Today we have release the first version of Nomeolvides. Right now, you can add, edit and delete the historical facts.
They will be organized by date. You can also export or import you data. There are many missing things yet.