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Helpers for FlowRouter

THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATING and not mantained anymore. If you are interested in mainting it just send us an e-mail.

Template helpers for kadira:flow-router

  • subsReady
  • isSubReady (deprecated)
  • pathFor
  • urlFor
  • param
  • queryParam
  • currentRouteName
  • currentRouteOption

Content blocks

  • linkTo

See zimme:active-route for using the following helpers

  • isActiveRoute
  • isActivePath
  • isNotActiveRoute
  • isNotActivePath

On the server it exports FlowRouterHelpers, with:

  • urlFor
  • pathFor


meteor add arillo:flow-router-helpers





Usage subsReady

If you call subsReady without parameters it will check for all flow-router subscriptions to be ready. (It will not take into account the template level subscriptions you define)

If you pass parameters it will just check for this specific flow-router subscriptions to be ready. The parameters would be the subscription names you used when registering them on FlowRouter, like:

FlowRouter.route('/posts', {
    subscriptions: function(params, queryParams) {
        this.register('posts', Meteor.subscribe('posts'));
        this.register('items', Meteor.subscribe('items'));
{{#if subsReady 'items' 'posts'}}
  {{#each items}}
  {{#each posts}}

Usage isSubReady (deprecated)

Checks whether your subscription is ready. If you don't pass a subscription name it will check for all subscriptions.

{{#if isSubReady 'items'}}
  {{#each items}}

Usage pathFor

Used to build a path to your route. First parameter can be either the path definition or, since version 1.2.0 of flow-router, the name you assigned the route. After that you can pass the params needed to construct the path. Query parameters can be passed with the query parameter.

Notice: To deparameterize the query string we are currently using the not yet official accessor for the query lib in page.js via FlowRouter._qs

<a href="{{pathFor '/post/:id' id=_id}}">Link to post</a>
<a href="{{pathFor 'postRouteName' id=_id}}">Link to post</a>
<a href="{{pathFor '/post/:id/comments/:cid' id=_id cid=comment._id}}">Link to comment in post</a>
<a href="{{pathFor '/post/:id/comments/:cid' id=_id cid=comment._id query='back=yes&more=true'}}">Link to comment in post with query params</a>

Server side it can be used like this: FlowRouterHelpers.pathFor('/post/:id',{ id:'12345' })

Usage urlFor

Same as pathFor, returns absolute URL.

{{urlFor '/post/:id' id=_id}}

Usage linkTo

Custom content block for creating a link

{{#linkTo '/posts/'}}
  Go to posts

will return <a href="/posts/">Go to posts</a>

Usage param

Returns the value for a url parameter

<div>ID of this post is <em>{{param 'id'}}</em></div>

Usage queryParam

Returns the value for a query parameter

<input placeholder="Search" value="{{queryParam 'query'}}">

Usage currentRouteName

Returns the name of the current route

<div class={{currentRouteName}}>

Usage currentRouteOption

This adds support to get options from flow router

FlowRouter.route("name", {
  name: "yourRouteName",
  action() {
    BlazeLayout.render("layoutTemplate", {main: "main"});
  coolOption: "coolOptionValue"
<div class={{currentRouteOption 'customRouteOption'}}>


0.5.2 - Add currentRouteOption
0.5.0 - Add linkTo custom content block. Allow use of pathFor & urlFor on the server
0.4.6 - Add hashbang option to pathFor
0.4.4 - added currentRouteName helper
0.4.3 - added param helper
0.4.0 - updated to use kadira:flow-router
0.3.0 - changed isSubReady in favor of subsReady