Python script for up unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction fee
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Script for change Bitcoin transaction fee (only unconfirmed).

Sometimes transactions in Bitcoin are confirmed for a very long time. This is usually due to network congestion and / or low commission.

If the transaction does not have any confirmation yet, you can correct the situation.

Also you can change recipient address of unconfirmed transaction.

How it works?

This script creates a new transaction, similar to the original, but with a large fee and new recipient address.

Why you need create new recipient addres? Because if you submit some transaction with some addresses - you can receive Error #-26: 18: txn-mempool-conflict

More details?

Application use Bitcoin RPC for:

  • get and decode raw transaction
  • get vin transactions for create new tx
  • change one tx vout amount for extend fee
  • create and sign new raw transaction
  • send edited transaction to Bitcoin Blockchain


  • Bitcoin node with the RPC access and address from where the transaction was sent. --txindex flag is required.
  • Python 3
  • Python requests


From scratch

git clone
cd upmyfee
pip install -r requirements.txt

# ./ --help
usage: [-h] --rpc-url RPC_URL --payer PAYER --to TO --txid TXID
                  --fee FEE [--debug DEBUG]

Up bitcoin transaction tools

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --rpc-url RPC_URL  Bitcoin-RPC URL
  --payer PAYER      Payer Bitcoin address
  --to TO            New transaction recipient
  --txid TXID        ID of Bitcoin Transaction without confirmation
  --fee FEE          New fee
  --debug DEBUG      Debug mode
# Example
# ./ --rpc-url='https://rpcuser:rpcpassword@localhost:8332' \
    --txid=43d234c7961261298cd9eb421e31146620be52db1c4ab45cecef022a5c3d85c0 \
    --payer=mn8Aqp424K8q7A6cpjvQnkEmhrUcRfARoG \
    --to=mtCWVpxZ46bK9dBM2gELgnxu711kEKefK8 \

Docker way

git clone
cd upmyfee
docker build -t upmyfee .
docker run -ti upmyfee --rpc-url='https://rpcuser:rpcpassword@localhost:8332' \
    --txid=43d234c7961261298cd9eb421e31146620be52db1c4ab45cecef022a5c3d85c0 \
    --payer=mn8Aqp424K8q7A6cpjvQnkEmhrUcRfARoG \
    --to=mtCWVpxZ46bK9dBM2gELgnxu711kEKefK8 \