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Nhl goal light python for raspberry pi GPIO
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Nhl goal light python3 for raspberry pi GPIO. Works with any team, just enter team name without city when prompted.

Before use, make sure you have:

python3, python3-pip, git

Run the following commands manually to install requirements


$ sudo apt-get install git mpg123 python3 python-pip3
$ sudo git clone 
$ sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

You can prepare a "settings.txt" file to auto-config the code, or the code will ask for your input everytime.

To start application, use following commands:

$ sudo python3


For documentation on how to wire the GPIOs with the lights and the button, pleaser refer to the "docs" folder.

  • Raspberry Pi (currently using raspberry pi A model, but any model will work)
  • Red Rotating Beacon Warning Light from ebay
  • 5V 2 Channel Relay Module from ebay
  • Momentary OFF ON Push Round Button
  • 12V to 5V 1A adapter (used a car usb adapter) would be good to have a dual usb adapter in case you need to plug something else like a usb speaker.
  • 3.5mm audio extension cable


If you wish to change the audio clips to sounds with your teams goal horn and music, just download them, rename them (goal_horn_#.mp3) and save them in the "audio" folder.


I've teste my code while watching Rogers Gamecenter Live and the stream seems to be a bit delayed, so I added a delay to my code to make the goal horn start later. You will be prompted to enter a delay that works with your stream.

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