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Changes since 0.1.2
* changing license over to the Apache license, retro-active to
0.1.2, since I don't want anyone to have to fetch a new package
for a simple license change.
* sonatype fixes
* TIFF additions
Changes since 0.1.1
* remove from jar file
Changes since 0.1.0
* changes for target source level
* adjustment for maven 1.1
* project.xml cleanup
* documentation fixes
* various other types of cleanup
Changes since 0.0.4a
* migrated build system to maven 1.x
* moved to subversion
* added hinting flag for file extensions hints
* ability to disable submatches for mime-only detection, which
* which still needs work (e.g. submatch until a mime is found)
* content detection plugins now supported
* logging switched over to commons-logging
* cleaned up javadoc and enabled site generation
* misc other cleanup
Changes since 0.0.3
* added more unit tests
* fixed sub-matches, adjusted magic.xml DTD
* new magic.xml file converted from unix magic file
* created testByte and testString from testByteArray
* testByte is now available and properly applies bitmask
* api reworking
Changes since 0.0.2
* added junit tests
* removed UTF8 encoding from byte array to String conversions
Changes since 0.0.1
* cleaned up a lot of the code
* added some mime types to the magic file
* have regexes available for magic detection
* misc other fixes