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Auto 3


Auto IRC Bot is an IRC channel bot that was created in December of 2009; over time, it progressed into a bot with an advanced and lightweight module API. Many of its features are modules and can be loaded/unloaded to your wish.

Using the module API, you can also write your own modules to further extend your copy. If you think your module is useful and should be included in the mainline program, you can contact us and request that your module be added to contributed modules. There is a chance that it will be accepted.

Please do see Moving Forward below, and


Auto 3 is developed by the Auto Project, a team of people who contribute their time and knowledge to the maintenance of Auto, and other projects.



Auto being a Perl IRC Bot obviously requires perl (5.10+) be installed. If you use *nix most package managers have this as 'perl'. If you're using OS X, this is already installed on your system. Lastly, if you're using Windows we suggest Strawberry Perl.

Auto also requires a few CPAN modules in order to correctly function, they are:

  • IO::Async
  • Net::Async::HTTP
  • IO::Socket::IP
  • Class::Unload
  • IO::Async::Timer::Periodic
  • IO::Async::Stream
  • DBI

The following are required if built in a certain way:

  • IO::Socket::SSL (needed unless built with --disable-ssl)
  • MIME::Base64 (--enable-sasl)
  • DBD::mysql (--with-mysql)
  • DBD::Pg (--with-pgsql)
  • DBD::SQLite (needed unless built with --with-mysql or --with-pgsql)

Moving Forward

The Auto Project has initiated a significant revision of Auto, version four. Please see the official page here.

Moreover, note that Autumn (noxgirl, has assumed leadership of the project.

Help, Bugs, Suggestions

Unavailable at the moment.