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Sample Usage

cat site.pp

Nagios_service {
  host_name           => $::fqdn,
  use                 => 'generic-service',
  notification_period => '24x7',
  target              => "${::icinga::targetdir}/services/${::fqdn}.cfg",
  action_url          => '/pnp4nagios/graph?host=$HOSTNAME$&srv=$SERVICEDESC$',

Nagios_contact {
  ensure                        => present,
  use                           => 'generic-contact',
  host_notification_period      => '24x7',
  service_notification_period   => '24x7',
  service_notification_commands => 'notify-service-by-email',
  host_notification_commands    => 'notify-host-by-email',
  target                        => "${::icinga::targetdir}/contacts/contacts.cfg",
  can_submit_commands           => '1',

cat nodes.pp

node client {
  class { 'icinga': }

node server {
  class {
      server        => 'true',
      manage_repo   => 'true',
      icinga_admins => [ 'admin,', 'dummy1,', 'dummy2' ],
      plugins       => [ 'checkpuppet', 'pnp4nagios' ];

  icinga::user {
      ensure   => present,
      password => 'default',
      email    => '',
      pager    => '320000001';

      ensure   => present,
      password => 'default'
      email    => '',
      pager    => '320000002';

Inside your existing modules

@@nagios_service { "check_tcp_123_${::fqdn}":
  check_command       => 'check_tcp!123',
  service_description => 'check_tcp',


Parsed PuppetDoc can be found here.

Unit testing

bundle exec rake

Nagios plugin packages

Packages for RHEL based operating systems can be found at Inuits' RPM repository A Debian mirror is currently not available yet. Building your own packages is very easy. You will find any necessary information on Inuits' nagios-plugins repository at Github.

Known issues


  • Needs proper testing

  • Using multiple Icinga servers with identical usernames you might run into the error below:

    err: Failed to apply catalog: Cannot alias Nagios_contact[] to ["someuser"] at /etc/puppet/environments/refactor/modules/icinga/manifests/user.pp:48; resource ["Nagios_contact", "someuser"] already declared


  • Be aware if you wish to manage your own package repositories you're in for a treat. You need packages from both the RPMForge and the EPEL repository. However - and here's the tricky part - some of those packages conflict with the ones in the other repository. The easiest way is to take Icinga and it's dependencies from RPMForge. Nagios-plugins related packages should not be taken from this repository otherwise a lot of EPEL packages or plugins will break horribly.

The easy way out: class { icinga: manage_repo => true; }

A more advanced approach would be to set up your own repo. Hipsters these days seem to be fond of Pulp for this purpose.


  • Some plugins may or may not work
  • The PNP4Nagios plugin requires the backports repository on Squeeze.
  • The PNP4Nagios plugin will not work on anything older than Squeeze.