Limited implementation for Bitcoin's JSON-RPC functions in ARO
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Limited implementation of Bitcoin's JSON-RPC functions for Arionum ($ARO)

This application was developed to offer an easier way to integrate Arionum into applications which already use bitcoin.

It's an alpha release and should be treated accordingly.

Implemented functions:

  • walletpassphrase
  • getnewaddress
  • getbalance
  • sendtoaddress
  • validateaddress
  • getrawtransaction [only the json export should be used, the hex encoded version will not produce proper results due to differences in ARO]
  • listtransactions
  • getblockcount
  • getblockhash
  • getblock
  • getinfo
  • getnetworkinfo
  • listsinceblock

It requires an Arionum Node running on the same server.

Setup instructions:

  1. Create a new mysql/mariadb db/user pair
  2. Install and configure the arionum node
  3. Copy .env.example to a .env file and and set the db credentials and the path to the node.
  4. Import the contrib/db.sql to the DB
  5. Run php index.php setup to setup the wallet
  6. Create /etc/aro, set 700 permissions and chown to the http user (ex nginx)
  7. Setup apache or nginx to listen on a new virtual host on the RPC port you wish and point it to the application's root.
  8. Create a crontab on every minute as "php RPC-PATH/index.php cron"

You can use a bitcoin-cli client to check the functionality.