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A php based cli wallet for Arionum
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A php based cli wallet for Arionum.

Requires php 7.2


light-arionum-cli [command] [options]


Command Description
balance Prints the balance
export Prints the wallet data
block Show data about the current block
encrypt Encrypts the wallet
decrypt Decrypts the wallet
transactions Show the latest transactions
transaction [id] Shows data about a specific transaction
send [address] [value] [message] Sends a transaction (message optional)
alias send [alias] [value] [message] Sends a transaction to an alis (message optional)
alias set [alias] Set your alias to the specified value
masternode create [ip] Send a masternode announcement transaction
masternode pause Pause the masternode
masternode resume Resume the masternode
masternode release Close the masternode and return the funds

Development Fund

Coin Address
ARO: 5WuRMXGM7Pf8NqEArVz1NxgSBptkimSpvuSaYC79g1yo3RDQc8TjVtGH5chQWQV7CHbJEuq9DmW5fbmCEW4AghQr
LTC: LWgqzbXGeucKaMmJEvwaAWPFrAgKiJ4Y4m
BTC: 1LdoMmYitb4C3pXoGNLL1VRj7xk3smGXoU
ETH: 0x4B904bDf071E9b98441d25316c824D7b7E447527
BCH: qrtkqrl3mxzdzl66nchkgdv73uu3rf7jdy7el2vduw

If you'd like to support the Arionum development, you can donate to the addresses listed above.

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