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A Simple Toolkit for Managing Schoolwork

I wanted an easy way to manage my schoolwork, so I wrote some bash scripts. These are them. They're very heavily customized to the way that I work, and as such are not guaranteed to work (or keep working) for anyone else. They may break at any time. You have been warned.


Schoolkit requires fzf, so please install it first. Schoolkit will probably explode on non-macOS devices.

git clone ~/.schoolkit
echo "[ -f ~/.schoolkit/ ] && source ~/.schoolkit/" >> ~/.zshrc


Schoolkit expects schoolwork to be stored in ~/School/SUBJECT. Within that folder, files are named as YYYY-MM-DD Very Interesting Title.ext, where ext is usually md.

The primary schoolkit command is (currently) sn, which stands for 'school notes'. Usage:

sn history new World War II # cd to ~/School/history and create + edit "YYYY-MM-DD World War"
sn new Adverbs # the subject can be ommited if you're already in the right dir
sn science list # list notes
sn edit latest # edit the latest note
sn english edit # prompt to select a note to edit
sn english edit "2018-04-23" # edit a specific note
sn cornell [latest|] # render the note to HTML Cornell notes (same filename behevior as `sn edit`, see below)
sn mla [latest|] # render the note to an MLA-formatted(ish) word document (same filename behevior as `sn edit`, see below)

Cornell Notes

I have to/like to take Cornell notes frequently, but I want to take notes in markdown. To solve this problem, schoolkit has a (somewhat hacky) way to render markdown notes to HTML Cornell notes.

Here's the format in markdown:

#### Class, Teacher

# Title Goes Here

This is a summary of the thing which I'm taking notes on. Blah Blah Blah.

* What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
	* 42
	* We know this because of the mice
* What is the ultimate question?
	* What do you get when you multiply six by nine?

Here's the output (your name and the date are added automagically):

Cornell Notes Example Output

MLA Formatting

I like to write things in markdown for many reasons, but the academic world really likes things to be turned in with the MLA format. To facilitate this, schoolkit contains a method to convert markdown to something very close to MLA. (It doesn't have the teacher's name or the class in the header, but is otherwise correct.)


  • Schoolkit occasionally needs to know your 'real' name (ex. Ari Porad, not ariporad). It tries to guess, but might not always be able to. If it can't figure yours out (or it gets it wrong), set $SCHOOLKIT_REAL_NAME to your name, and everything will work. (A ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc would be a good place to put this.)


MIT License


A Simple Toolkit for Managing Schoolwork