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Code for my Pokémon-style personal website, made with Phaser 3


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Ariel Roffé's Quest (my personal website)

Code for the game and website at

To run it locally, simply clone this repo, cd into it, start a webserver and navigate to localhost.

The game was made with the Phaser 3 game engine.

The assets used all come from public domain sources, and/or were edited by myself. Specifically:

  • I used these two Pokemon style tilesets by ChaoticCherryCake (and other artists, see the full credits in those links). I also took a few sprites (especially NPCs) from PokeFans, and a few more from OpenGameArt (e.g this and this). I compiled all tiles I used into the file at assets/prod/tilesets_and_maps/tileset.png using GIMP.
  • The tilemaps were made by myself, using Tiled.
  • The 8 bit remixes of Bob-omb Battlefield, Outset Island and Koopa Troopa Beach are by Bulby, and were included with his permission. Check out his awesome YouTube channel here.
  • The pixel font is Pixel Operator by HarvettFox96.

All assets should be distributed under their original licences, and attribution given to their original authors. Anything else contained in this repo is available with an MIT license.


Code for my Pokémon-style personal website, made with Phaser 3







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