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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
$:.unshift(File.join("..", "lib"))
# Enter notes using MIDI input
require "diamond"
# Select the MIDI input that your controller or other device is connected to
# here is an example that explains a bit more about selecting devices with unimidi:
@input = UniMIDI::Input.gets
@output = UniMIDI::Output.gets
options = {
:gate => 20,
:interval => 7,
:midi => [@output, @input],
#:midi_debug => true, # uncomment this for debug output about MIDI messages in the console
:pattern => "UpDown",
:range => 4,
:rate => 8
@clock =
@arpeggiator =
@clock << @arpeggiator
# By default the arpeggiator will be in "omni mode", reacting to notes received from all MIDI channels
# To only look at a single channel, set the input channel via Arpeggiator#rx_channel=
# Can also be passed in to the Arpeggiator constructor via the :rx_channel option
@arpeggiator.rx_channel = 0
# You can then call arp.rx_channel = nil or arp.omni_on to return it to omni mode
# (Diamond does not respond to MIDI Omni On/Off messages)
# It's also possible to set the channel that the arpeggiator will output on
@arpeggiator.tx_channel = 1
@clock.start(:focus => true)
# When you play notes, they will be sent to the arpeggiator the same way
# Arpeggiator#add is used in most of the other examples