Control MPlayer with MIDI
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Control MPlayer with MIDI

MPlayer is a free, cross-platform, command-line driven, highly configurable, (often) GUI-less open-source media player.

Enabling MPlayer to be controlled by MIDI opens up a host of possibilities for live video performance, media automation and more

This project provides a Ruby DSL to define realtime interactions between MIDI input and MPlayer


You'll need to install MPlayer before using this. That can usually be accomplished with a package manager eg brew install mplayer depending on what OS you're using.

This project itself can be installed as a Ruby Gem using

gem install mmplayer

Or if you're using Bundler, add this to your Gemfile

gem "mmplayer"


require "mmplayer"

@input = UniMIDI::Input.gets

@player =, :mplayer_flags => "-fs") do

  rx_channel 0

  system(:start) { play("") }

  note(1) { play("") }
  note("C2") { play("") }

  cc(1) { |value| volume(:set, value) }
  cc(20) { |value| seek(to_percent(value), :percent) }

  eof { puts "finished" }



An annotated breakdown of this example can be found here

The MPlayer Man Page has a full list of MPlayer startup flags

All MPlayer runtime commands enabled by the mplayer-ruby project are available here too. (eg seek and volume in the example above). The RDOC for mplayer-ruby has a full list of runtime commands


Apache 2.0, See LICENSE file

Copyright (c) 2015-2017 Ari Russo