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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
$:.unshift File.join( File.dirname( __FILE__ ), '../lib')
require "unimidi"
# This is an example that explains how to select an output.
# It's not really meant to be run.
# Prompt the user for selection in the console
output = UniMIDI::Output.gets
# The user will see a list that reflects their local MIDI configuration, and be prompted to select a number
# Select a MIDI output
# 1) IAC Device
# 2) Roland UM-2 (1)
# 3) Roland UM-2 (2)
# >
# Once they've selected, the device that corresponds with their selection is returned.
# (Note that it's returned open so you don't need to call
# Hard-code the selection like this
output = UniMIDI::Output.use(:first)
output = UniMIDI::Output.use(0)
# or
output =
output =
# If you want to wait to open the device, you can select it with any of these "finder" methods
output = UniMIDI::Output.first
output = UniMIDI::Output[0]
output = UniMIDI::Output.all[0]
output = UniMIDI::Output.all.first
output = UniMIDI::Device.all_by_type(:output)[0]
output = UniMIDI::Device.all_by_type(:output).first
# You'll need to call open on these before you use it or an exception will be raised
# It's also possible to select a device by name
output = UniMIDI::Output.find_by_name("Roland UM-2 (1)").open
# or using regex match
output = UniMIDI::Output.find { |device| }.open