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The lazy script has not been updated for a while due to me being very busy with my life. I will try my best to upload an update when I find the time

Welcome to the LAZY script v2.1.4

A video Hackersploit made :

A video sstec made:

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This script will make your life easier, and of course faster.

Its not only for noobs.Its for whoever wants to type less and do actually more.

What is this

This is a script for Kali Linux that automates many procedures about wifi penetration and hacking. I actually made it for fun for me just to save some time, but i don't mind publicing it.


NEW FEATURE: Custom keyboard shortcuts!! Launch any tool within lscript , with your own shortcuts!!! (type ks to set your shortcuts)

Enabling-Disabling interfaces faster Changing Mac faster Anonymizing yourself faster View your public IP faster View your MAC faster


You can install whichever tool(s) you want from within lscript! 
Fluxion                         by Deltaxflux
WifiTe                          by derv82
Wifiphisher                     by George Chatzisofroniou
Zatacker                        by LawrenceThePentester
Morpheus                        by Pedro ubuntu  [ r00t-3xp10it ]
Osrframework                    by i3visio
Hakku                           by 4shadoww
Trity                           by Toxic-ig
Cupp                            by Muris Kurgas
Dracnmap                        by Edo -maland-
Fern Wifi Cracker               by Savio-code
Kichthemout                     by Nikolaos Kamarinakis & David Schütz
BeeLogger                       by Alisson Moretto - 4w4k3
Ghost-Phisher                   by Savio-code
Mdk3-master                     by Musket Developer
Anonsurf                        by Und3rf10w
The Eye                         by EgeBalci
Airgeddon                       by v1s1t0r1sh3r3
Xerxes                          by zanyarjamal
Ezsploit                        by rand0m1ze
Katana framework                by PowerScript
4nonimizer                      by Hackplayers
Sslstrip2                       by LeonardoNve
Dns2proxy                       by LeonardoNve
Pupy                            by n1nj4sec
Zirikatu                        by pasahitz
TheFatRat                       by Sceetsec
Angry IP Scanner                by Anton Keks
Sniper                          by 1N3
ReconDog                        by UltimateHackers
RED HAWK                        by Tuhinshubhra
Routersploit                    by Reverse shell
CHAOS                           by Tiagorlampert
Winpayloads                     by Ncc group 
Infoga                          by m4ll0k
nWatch                          by Suraj
Eternal scanner                 by Peterpt
Eaphammer                       by S0lst1c3
Dagon                           by Ekultek
LALIN                           by Screetsec
Ngrok                           by inconshreveable + more
Kwetza                          by Chris Le Roy
Bleachbit                       by Andrew Ziem
Operative framework             by Tristan Granier
Netattack2                      by Christian Klein
Findsploit                      by 1N3
Howdoi                          by Benjamin Gleitzman
Dr0p1t-Framework                by Karim Shoair
FakeImageExploiter              by r00t-3xp10it
Leviathan                       by Utku Sen, Ozge Barbaros
WiFi-Pumpkin                    by P0cL4bs
Avet                            by govolution
Meterpreter_Paranoid_Mode-SSL   by r00t-3xp10it
Koadic                          by zerosum0x0
Empire                          by Will Schroeder,
                                       Justin Warner, 
                                       Matt Nelson,
                                       Steve Borosh,
                                       Alex Rymdeko-harvey, 
                                       Chris Ross
Veil                            by ChrisTruncer
SecHub                          by JoshDelta
DKMC                            by Mr.Un1k0d3r RingZer0 Team
Demiguise                       by Richard Warren
UniByAv                         by Mr.Un1k0d3r RingZer0 Team
LFISuite                        by D35m0nd142
Faraday                         by Infobyte
MSFPC                           by g0tmi1k
NoSQLMap                        by codingo, tcsstool
Evil-Droid                      by Mascerano Bachir
Iftop                           by Paul Warren, Chris Lightfoot

Wifi password scripts

Handshake       (WPA-WPA2)
Find WPS pin    (WPA-WPA2)
WEP hacking     (WEP)    


Email spoofing
Metasploit automation (create payloads,listeners,save listeners for later etc...)
Auto eternalblue exploiting (check on ks) -> hidden shortcuts
Browser auto-expoiting with BeEF and MITMf
SQLmap automated

How to install (Kali Linux)

(make sure you are a root user)

Official Installation Tutorial on Kali Linux 2020.5:

Be carefull.If you download it as a .zip file, it will not run.Make sure to follow these simple instructions.


apt-get update
git clone
cd lscript
chmod +x

How to run it

(make sure you are a root user)

open terminal
type  "l"
press enter

(Not even "lazy"!! Just "l"! The less you type , the better!)

How to uninstall

cd /root/lscript
rmdir -r /root/lscript 

How to update

Run the script
Type "update"


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