Cider-based Deferred Renderer with Lighting, Shadow Mapping, SSAO
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Cinder application for deferred rendering experiments (lighing, shadow mapping, SSAO)

Forked from original code by Anthony Scavarelli at

Thanks to Anthony and the contributors his code is based on.

Original code ported to c++11 and optimized / fixed a couple of things, plus some new features/controls.

This code is based on a deferred renderer for point lights and screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO), including shadow mapping.


  • keys 0-9 toggle through deferred layers (depth, colour, normal, shadows etc.)
  • key 0 shows final composed scene
  • use cursors to move current light (with shift for up/down)
  • key '.' selects next light for control
  • key ',' selects prevous light for control
  • key 'a' toggles ambient occlusion
  • key 's' toggles shadows
  • key 'd' toggles disco mode

Questions/suggestions/contact: Stefan Müller Arisona -

NOTE: tested only on Mac OS X / Xcode. Visual studio settings probably needs some fixes.